Shaker Song Books

Anonymous Collection of Songs By Abm. Perkins
Contents: Shuffling Songs, Song by Elder Br. Daniel Clark (Deceased) Enfield Con. to One of the Brethren, 2nd Family Watervliet July 1838, Father Joseph and Mother Lucy's Solid Step, Marching Songs, Eldress Hannah Bridges Visionary Song, Elder Brother Micajah's Canterbury, Elder Henry Clough's, Quick Songs, Puzzle or Old Sumer, Alfred Maine, Enfield Chh, Enfield Church March 1836
Anonymous Hymnal
Contents: Fellow Travelers, Fervent Prayer, A partition for Youth, Church O God, Zion's Army, Sound of Freedom, Celestial Fountain, Stand your Post, Safe Protection, Solomn Work, Lion Triumphant, Blessing of the Faithful, The Humble Heart, Zion Shall be Pure, Zion Adorning, Fervant Prayer, Happy Enjoyment, Universal Praise, Adieu Earthly Glory, Remember Me, Let me Go to my Rest, Streams of Goodness
Anonymous Hymnal
Contents: Farewell Blessing of our Heavenly Parents, An Indian Song, Father Williams March, Indian Song, Father Joseph's Song, A song sun at the Holy Land,A Harp Song, Father Job's song, given at Canterbury, A Song from the Savior, Indian Song Canterbury, Sung by Mother Hannah, A Song from King David, Indian Song, The Saviour's Anthem, Negro Songs, A Litttle Hymn of Peace from William Penn, A march received, From Elder Molly, Indian Songs 1841, From New Gloucester, From Poland, Mother's Pretty Dove, Enfield, Indian Songs 1843, A little song given to one of the sons by the Holy Savior, A Song from Elder Benjamin upon receiving some wine, A song from a spirit, From Eldress Molly, From Gloucester, A French song, Patriarch Joseph's Gloucester, Warning of the Might Angel of Light, Mother Ann's Invitation, Father's kingdom above, Indian Song 1843, Canterbury 1943, Indian Song Jan. 15 1943, Sung by a mighty Angel, A Petition from Lucas an Indian Prophet to the white man, Indian March Jan. 17, Arhumshaw's Farewell, The Saviors Blessing the the Elders, Honteshaw's Anthem to his people sung on the Mount, A song from John Lavance a Frenchman, John Lavance's song, Indian's songs, Negro Song, French Song, Abidal's song, Indian Granny, Lafayette's March learned of a Frenchman, King David's song, Song of Goliath, A March, A French song received, Zion's army marching through, French Song, Indian Song Feb. 6 1843, Negro March Feb 6. 1843, French Song, To Gain a Lasting Treasure, Dragon's March, A Song from Keokusch Chief of the Cherokee Nation of Indians, Negro Songs Feb. 14, Indian Song Feb. 16, Song of Comfort, The Savior's Call, Prophet's March, The Blessing of the Blessing, O come let us go to the fountain, The Goodness of God, Lafayette's song, I'm happy while serving the Lord, Welcome to the Ministry, The Work of God, Mother's Voice, Persian Song, Negro Song March 24, Creation of God, The Spirit of Noah, By the Same Prophet on the same day, Victorious Conquerers, A Song sent to the Elder Brother by Father Jonathan, Songs Learned in a Negro Meeting, March Song, Promiscuous March, Quick Song, Round Dance, My Mother's gosel how precious, Call of God, A Song from Mother Ann, Welcome, Bear your Cross, I am your Mother, Song of Adoration, A true Lesson, Mother Ann's song of Prayer, Father William's Prayer, Song of Heavenly Praises, Father William's Invitation, Prepare O ye people prepare, Virgin Band
Anonymous Hymnal containing songs "Given by the Shepherdess in the Church at Shirley..."
Golden Robbin, Whippoorwill Song, Pretty Little Lambs, Robelink Song, Mother's Love, A Song of Comfort, Promise of Protection, Brave Soldiers, Do Pray for Me, Golden Cup, Love to My Gospel Relation, Plumb Cake, Pretty Songstress, Peacemaker, Little Basket, Valiant Warrior, Meek Humble Heart, Mother's Little Child, Fled from Sodom, Living Fountain, Little Boat, Yellow Bird, The Linnet, Turtle Dove, Pretty Robe, The Blue Bird Song, Lana-La, Mother's Sweet Love, Blessing with Love, New Living Wine, Mother's Love Makes Me Happy, A Comforting Promise, A Walk in Mother's Garden, Be of Good Cheer, Spotless Dove, Gospel Agreement, My Determination, Gold Ring, I'm Bound for Heaven, Gold Finch, Little Poney, Beautiful Dove, My Prayer, Path of Regeneration, Bird of Paradise, Canary Bird, Golden Booc, Gospel Compass which is Obedience, A Good Promise, I Will Bow to God's Will, Simple Gifts, Honey Bee, Dear Companions, Help Me Lord I Pray, A Ball of Comfort Blessing, The Praise of My Mother, Mincing Price, Love to My Heavenly Parents, New Years Song, Golden Harp, Moving Swiftly to Heaven, Cheer Up, List of Contents
Anonymous Hymnal, Harvard MA
Contents: Paradise of God, Solemn Determination, Gospel Child, A Supplication, Solem Work, Healing Balm, Endless Life, True Consideration, The Strait Narrow Way, Happy State, Sincere Request, Love to the Gospel, Holy Ground, I'll Gladly Leave the World, Union World, Contemplation, The Gospel Childs Entreaty, Peaceful Retreat, I Feel Quite Dependant, Happy Valley, Heavenly Love, Refining Work, Saints Warfare, Peaceful Mansion, A Earnest Desire, Gospel Light, There is a Paradise, A Tribute of Praise, Voice of Freedom, Works the Criterion, Searching Work, Self Denying Way, Celestial Fountain, City of Peace, Golden Bowl, Celestial Scenes, Good Resolutions, Final Day, Mothers Blessing of Love, Balm of Heaven, O God of Love and Wisdom, Pure Desire, Good Children, Holy Devotion, Sure Protection, We Are Seen, True Submission, Earnest Request, Heavenly Rest, Mother Anns Words, Merit of Faith, Infinite Grace, My Supplication, Mothers Praises, Solemn Feast, The Admonition, Zions Army, Infinite Treasure, Universe of Praises, Sweet Communion, River of Love, Trumpet of Heaven, Holy Desires, Safe Hiding Place, Heavenly Guide, A Hymn of Praises, Heark What Voice to Us is Calling, How Fleeting and Transient, Spirit of Prayer, Humble Heart, Zions Standard, Concise Examination, Christs Second Appearance, To Thee Holy Saviour, Promise Land, A Funeral Anthem, Funeral Hymn, Church of God, Self Denial, Hymn to the Saviour, Who Shall Ascend thy Holy Hill, The Lord's Word at his Holy Fountain on the Hill, Holy Church, Praise to the Holy Mother, Pilgrims Song, Anthem Written on a Golden Trumpet, Heavenly comfort, A Fervent Prayer, Father Jame's Address, Behold the Lord Appeareth, The Word of the Almighty, Warning Voice, A Hymn for the Holy Hill of Peace, Solemn Proclamation, Path of Sorrow, Heavenly Refreshment, Scenes of Glory, The Lords Temple, A View of Gods Mercy, Spirit of Prayer, A Request, A Malignant Fever, A Verse, Beautiful City
Anonymous Hymnal, Harvard MA 1841-42
Contents: An Offering of Thanksgiving and Praise, A Welcome Song, Searching Work, The Apostles Welcome, A Song of Thanksgiving, A Farewell to the Lebanon Ministry, Lowly Way, Treasures of the Faithful, Wisdom's Promise, Beautiful Robe, Free salvation, Sword of Victory, Trumpet Comforter, Angels Rejoicing, Words of Consolation, Mother Ann's Parting Love, Mother Anns Song, Mother Lucy's Birth Day, Faithful Laborers, The Praises of Mother, A Prayer to Mother, Union March, Mother's Treasures, Zions, Zion's Fountain, Simplicity, Mother Ann's Call, A Welcome for the Angel of Consolation, The Angels Answer, The Angels Farewell, Crowd of Rejoicing, Comfort and Blessing, A Song from the Holy Apostolis Sisters, The Branch of Sweet Peace, Diamond Bright, Walk Softly, Le En San Vo Ne, I Van Ce Ne, A Prayer to Mother, Mother's Peace, Holiness to the Lord, Mother Ann's Sweet Peace, Low Down in the Valley, I Will Be Mother's Child, The True Gospel, Live in Peace, The Prophets Delight, Promise to the Faithful, Lowliness, The Low Valley, Holy Calling, Mother's Promise, Comfort Peace and Blessing, My Daily Labor, Be Ye Valiant, My Pretty Little Union Band, The Holy Angels Calling, Love and Blessing, Love to All Mankind, Comfort and Blessing, Be Ye Joyful, Peace Joy and Comfort, The Love of God and Holy Mother, Mother's Blessing to her Children, Crown of Consolation, Ve An Sel Vina, Thanksgiving and Praise, Be Ye Clean Be Ye Pure, Low Vale, Joyful Messenger, Comfort and Blessings Protection, My Sincere Desire, Invitation, Boundles Blessings, Mother's Faithful Children, Mother's Love to her Children, Praises to Holy mother, Praises to God and Holy Mother, Daily Offerings, Joy and Rejoicing to Holy Mother, Eternal Reward, Thanks and Praises, Holy Love, Heavenly Love and Peace, Treasures from Heaven, Humble Cry, A Welcome for the Ancient Sisters of Israel, Love of God and Holy Mother, Press Ahead, Comfort and Blesing, Give Glory to God, Joy and Rejoicing, A Song of Praise, The Angel of Comfort, Holy Mother's Parting Love and Blessing, Holiness to Our Eternal Parents, Wisdoms Roll, Mother's Sweetest Love, Solemn Prayer, My Love, Mother's Exhortation, Gospel Trumpet, Gems for the Faithful, Mother's Exhortation, Gospel Trumpet, Thankfulness, A Round Dance Song, A Welcome to the Angel of Peace, Love Joy and Life, Trumpet of Love, Holy Trumpeter, Holy Mother's Blessing, Thankfulness to Holy Mother, Mother Calls you to Rejoice, Joy and Gladness, Love to Our Heavenly Parents, A Welcome to the Angel of Power, Bless Ye My Children, Bonds of Love, A Supplication, A Song from Holy Mother's Angel of Peace, Awake, Hosannah, Praises to our Eternal Parents, Love to the Ancients, A Welcome for our Ministry, Salle Vone, Pure Streams, Zion rejoice, True Criterion, The Saviour's Counsel, Valiant Soldiers, God's Vine, Mother's Pretty Dove, Our Thanks and Blessing, Holy Ascension, Mother's Garment of Love, Heavenly Purity, A Tune for the Lively Dance, True Faith and Obedience, The Virgin Mary's Song, Holy Seven or Candle, Lovely Promise, Mother's Ring, My Eternal Home, Gather Love, The Pure Way of God, Help Me on, Solemn Worship, Trumpet Song, Good Way, Wite Robes and Bright Crowns, My God Will be Honoured, My Home, True Happines, Mother Ann's Song, I Will Kep What I Will Reap, Where Mother is Found, Vi An Na Ka Na, Sound the Alarm, My Comfort and Delight, Pretty Jewels, Come Freedom, We Are Ready, Peace and Good Will, The Way to Find Redemption, La Mi Ro Journey to the City of Refuge, A Walking Song, The Food of Angels, To My Little Dove, A Mother's Love, Immortal treasure, From the Angel of Comfort and Blesing, A Holy Song of Praise, Heavenly Love and Blesing, A Day of Good Things, A Fervent Prayer, Sword in Hand, In the Valley of Peace, Received from a Bird of Love, Father James warning, Mother Ann's Blessing, Christ's March, My Request, Heavenly Music, Call of God, God of My Salvation, Waters of Life, Mother's Gifts, Heavenly Gifts, The Only Treasure, Press On, Good Soldiers, Day of the Lord, Blesings from Heaven, My Holy Work, Valiant Volunters, My Treasures, A Little Song from Holy Mother, Rejoicing in Heaven, A Prayer, Mother's Little Children, Arm of Protection, Arise O Zion, Journey Through Time, The Saviour's Promise, A Welcome Song, A Lively Song, Mother's Exhortation, Lo Le Van, A Garment of Beauty, Reward of Faithfulness, Fervent Cries, Heavenly Praises, Work of Judgment, Vi Vo Se Van, Angelic Guard, My Crown, Heavenly Love, Lovely Love, Christs Chosen Few, A March, Mother's Precious Children, Peace Love from Heaven, Thanksgiving Praise, Joyful Praises, Love Love, Mother Ann's Prayer, Praises to Mother Ann, Humble Supplication, O Receive Ye My Love, Father Williams Exhortation, Fervent Intercession, Mothers Heavenly Love, Mothers Present, I Will Keep What I Reap, I Secone Bone, James Wardleys Song, Mother's Little Narrow Path, Sure Protection, My Treasure, My Love is Great, Praises to the Martyrs, Sayings of Blessed Mother Ann, Mother Ann's Farewell, Lowly Dove, Glorious Prize, Holy is our Mother, Heavenly Guard, Humble Request, Watch and Pray, Endless Praise, Our Calling, Father Williams Request, Pure Streams, Labor for Power, Resignation, The Holy Land, Zion a Refuge, My Prayer for Zion, Choice Treasures, O Pray that You Can, Lovely Band, I Am A Little Bird, Pleasant Vally, Holy Throne, Invitation to Sinners, A Prayer, Heavenly Life and Freedom, Holy Love and Blessing, Mother's Chosen Band, My Pretty House, The Love of Christ, Mother Ann, Solemn Song, Thankfulness for the Gospel, Mother Anns Love, Father James Prayer, Heavenly Welcome, The Sweetest of Love, A Welcome for our Spiritual, Parents and Elders, A Song of Praise to our Spiritual Parents and Elders, A Farewell Song, Angels Welcome, A Welcome for Father, William and Father James, Mother's Blessing is Love, Mother's Love is Precious, Blessed Mother Anns Intercession, The True Ark, Solemn Reflections, Gustava's Song, A Roll of Shouts, A Song from Lot, A Prayer, EG's Song, An Anthem from the Solemn Angels, Eldress B's Song, Mothers Pretty Children, Mother's Blessing, Love, We Have Come, The Happy fountain, John Whitmans Welcome into Heaven, Holy Streams, Trumpet of Praise, Angels Blessing, Come Mothers Love, Tanks for Mothers, Love and Blessing, We Have Bought Mothers Love, Sound the Gospel Trumpet, Praises to Christ and Mother Ann, Holy Mother's Comforting, Line, Holy Mother's Feast, Holy Song of Victory, Rin Cee of Cubilee, An Se Ve Vana, Heavenly Fare, Sung by Holy Mother's Dove, Lince La, Strong Band, Bi Ole Bander, Praises to Christ, Le Vince Vene, My Seed is Filled with Love, Come Come, The Word of Truth, Christ and Mother's Richest Blessing, A March, Christ and Mother's Farewell, Praise to the Lord, O Help Me My Mother, Father James Intercession.
Anonymous Hymnal, Harvard MA ca. 1842
Contents: Fellow Travelers, Happy State, An Aerostick, Now Let Us All Unite, What Millions are Traveling, Happy Seasons, The Treasures of Mount Zion, Promised Land, True Consolation, The Genuine Gospel, The Thankful Believer, We All Mean to Labor, I Prize my Precious Gospel Faith, What Comfort and Peace I Possess, We are Seen, Funeral Hymn, Funeral Hymn, Precious Season, I'll Gladly Leave the World, I Feel Much Delighted, Scenes of Glory, Come Zion's Children, Vain World, A Welcome Hymn, The River of Love, The Delusions of Nature, Gospel Freedom, A Determination, Thankfulness, Beauty of Zion, A Prayer, Happy Valley, Heavenly Love, Contemplation, The Glorious Rest, A Mansion Prepared, The Saints Warfare, There is a Paradise, A Peaceful Retreat, The Blessings of the Righteous, Christmas Hymn, The Gospel Childs Intreaty, The Downfall of Old Nature, Gospel Light, Safe Hiding Place, Infinite Treasure, Impart O Lord, Joys of the Righteous, A Tribute of Praise, There is a Crown, Pure Band, Mansions of Rest, Immortal Treasure, Happy Repose, Christs Second Appearance, Zions Army, Celestial Fountain, Heavenly Treasure, An Arostic, Happy and Free, City of Peace, Golden Bowl, Happy Home, This World How Vain, Good Brethren and Sisters Serious Impressions, Christs Second Appearing, The Believers Life, True Simplicity, A Funeral Hymn, We are Determined, My Life is Short, Happy Change, Lovely Love, Celestial Scenes, Works the True Criterion, Searching Work, Funeral Hymn, A Peaceful Mansion, With Mother's Good Children, O Come Sweet Love, O Come Thou Sweet Virtue, The Judgement Day, Truth, Good Resolutions and Desires, Holy Devotion, To Thee Almighty God, Happy Clime, A Funeral Hymn, Final Day, How Thankful, Holy Desires, Pure Desires, Mothers Good Children, Heavenly Prospect, What I Hate
Anonymous Hymnal, Harvard MA ca. 1854
Contents: The Beauty of Zion, Address to Youth, Lovely Love, Peace on Earth, Lively Bee, Let Us Prepare to Meet the Change, Living Streams, The Gospel of Love, Love and Peace, The Spirit of Prayer, The Self Denying Way, Lord Give Me Strength to Watch, Come Mother Children Gather, An Elegy, Heavenly Rest, A Lovely Treasure, A Humble Petition, Vanity of the Spirit, A Petition, O Lord May I Drink of the Spiritual, Love Union and Peace, Heavenly Blessings, My Home, Gospel Blessings, The Holy City, Shout Zion's Children, The Lord's Temple, New Years Thought, A Believer's Faith, Lord Grant Me My Petition, A Lovely Treasure, Mother's Peace, Contentment in the Gospel, Encouragement for the Youth, The Humble Sensation, Heavenly Comfort, Heavenly Rest, Father's Hymn, The Request, The True Believer's Character, A Cordial for the Soul, Living Shepherd, Sweet Peace, My Mother, All Clothed in Beauty, Mother's Mantle, Prepare for Death, Place Not Your Hearts, Faith and Union, Come to the Foundation, The Shepherd of Zion, Gospel Treasure, True Vine, Thou Blessed Living Shepherd, A Funeral Hymn, O Lord of Everlasting Light, Children of Light, The Sons and Daughters, A View of God's Mercy, Love to the Gospel, A Bridle for the Tongue, A Zealous Laboror, A Promise, A Song of Zion's Children, Good Instruction, The True Seed, O Lord I Pray Thro Out, Sweet Conviction, Since I Have Been Called, Final Settlement, The Humble Valley, The New Living Way, The Burning Day of Redemption, Joys of Jerusalem, Fellow Travelers, All Men Shall See, Everlasting Love and Beauty, The 7th Trumpet, The Youth's Intercession, The Beautiful Branch, The Resolution, The White Stone, Mother's Precious Gifts, Sing Ye Mother's Song, The Platform, A Farewell Hymn of Elites, The Steam Boat, The Second Revelation, Obedience, The True Gospel Heir, Christmas Hymn, Awake My Soul, Solemn Fear, A Solemn Review, The Gospel of Christ Jesus, Universal Praises, Promise Blessing Hymn, Union Plant, The Thankful Believer, John's Vision, Lord I Desire No Greater Blessing, Infinite Grace, A Noble Life, Humility's Vale, Self Denial, Boundless Grace, Gospel Honesty, Paradise of God, Paradise in View, Free Salvation, Heavenly Vineyard, A Welcome, Solemn Work, An Anthem, Reflections, Strait Pathway, Church of God, Kind Mothers and Sisters and Love, The Joys of the Righteous, A Hymn, Happy State, Grateful Thanks, Serious Meditation, The Borders of Zion, White Journeying, Solemn Determination, Zion Advancing, The Glorious Rest, The Glorious Rest, Salvation and Praise, On the Birth of Christ, The Stamp of the Devil's Eye, Lovely Path, Arbour of Love, Beautiful City
Anonymous Hymnal, New Lebanon and Harvard, ca. 1834-1844 with Musical Notation
Contents: Holy Fountain, A Song from the Prophet Isaiah, Heavenly Trumpet, O Righteous God do Help My Soul, Holy Mother's Encouragement, Jehovahs Call, Sincerity of Soul, Mercy of God, A Song of Rejoicing, Gospel Trumpet, Glory of the Earth, Holy Blessing, I Am an Angel Sent Hither, Go Ye On, A Trumpet Song from Simeon, A Song from Brother Aaron Jewett, A Song of Holy Praises, Salone Trumpet, Encouragement for the Youth, Come Let Us Hasten On, In Shelovan There Was a Feast, Mother Anns Welcome in Heaven, A Welcome to the Angels of Mourning, A Lively Dance, A Prayer in Turbulation and the Lords Answer, Mother Lucy's Gift of Lamentation, Beautiful Robe, A Song of Power and Victory over the Evil One, Mothers Pretty Way, Poor in the Spirit, Holy Mothers Blessing for the Leaders, O How Thankful Should I Be, O Ye Chosen Ones, Love is my Treasure, Mother Ann's Prayer for her Children, A Round Dance Song, Solemn Warning, Word of the Almighty, Father Eleazer's Prayer for his Children, Come Gather Round the Fountain, Father's Pretty Garment, Father Williams Request, A Thank Offering, A Song of Praise, Sweet Love Encircle Us Around, A Supplication, I Want to Feel the Power of God, Now Well March on Our Way, Fear Not Joseph, Pray to your Heavenly Father, Protecting Love, Thus Saith the Holy Saviour, Father Williams Prayer, Angels trumpet, Father Williams Invitation, Peace and Everlasting Love, Children's Confession Supplication and Promise, A Rose of Sharon, Saviours Invitation, Wisdom's Path, Saviours Blessing, Peace Love and Comfort, Beauty of Grace, Come on my Dear Companions, Wisdoms Valley, O Ho Ho Here We Go A Song of the Holy Proclaiming Angel, Words of Holy Mother, Father James Prayer, A Song of Adoration, Victorious Conquest, O My Pretty Mother, I Will Labor for more Life and Power, Mother's Solemn Prayer, O Come Come Says Mother, Father Eleazer's Prayer, Watch of the Night, Eternal Praises, The Saints Welcome, Equip Yourselves, I Am Bound, Four Little Angels Standing in a Ring, I am a Little Bird, A Prayer by the Apostles, An Anthem from Isaac Watts, Simplicity is Gained by Keeping, An Anthem from Brother Abijah, A Short Anthem from the Angel of Light, An Anthem from the Angel of Peace, From the Angel of Light, An Anthem from George Washington, An Anthem from Christ and Mother, An Anthem from Mother Ann by Mire, An Anthem from Christ by Isaiah, An Echottion to Thankfulness, Praise to the Lord, Mother Anns Promise, March On, Behold the Shining Road, Arise O thee Zion of my Glory, Bow Low and Cry to God, Before My Eyes I Now Behold, People from Every Nation, I Have Come Saith the Saviour, O I will Bow Down Low, Awake My Soul to Watch and Pray, Gospel Invitation, O Life and Freedom, Mother Ann's Song of Comfort, O my Blessed Mother Ann, The True Word of God, Bonds of Love, A Song of the Guardian Angels, Trying Scenes Await You, Pretty Walk, My Robe is New and Lovely, Our Saviours Welcome into Heaven, Word of the Lord, Birth of Christ, The Saviour's Word to his Desciples, The Word of the Lord of hosts, The Olive Leaf, The Saviours Call to the Leaders in Zion, A White Water Song, A Song for Christmas, Pretty Dove, Come Souls Awake, Holy Selan, Mother Lucy a Prayer, We'll March Along, Pleasant Path, O Hear My Prayer, Sanctuary of the Lord, Shout and Sing Triumphant, Beautiful Gem, Praise to the Most High, A Song of Warning, Jehovah's Promise to his People, The Saviours Warning to his Children, Arise, O Come On Zions Faithful Soldiers, Vile Lille Va Ne, By the Spirit We Are Led, Com On Let Us Be Going, Now We Feel Heavenly Zeal, Here is Pure Heavenly Love, Here's the Cross and I Will Take It, Clear the Way, Come Let us Take Our Swords and March, I Will Sound the Beautiful Songs, Free Will Offering, The Saviour's Peace, The Saviours Invitation, I Will Sound My Trumpet, Holy Mother's Word of Comfort, Mother Ann's Birthday, Mother's Love, O Union in Free, A Prayer, I Your Holy Mother Will Sound, O Life and Freedom is the Treasure, Arise O Zion Praise Thy God, While on Times Troubled, O Ho Ho We Will Go On Our Way, O Come Saith the Holy Angel, Father's Parental Care, A Song from Isaac Watts, O My Ever Blessed Mother, O Come and Partake of the Blessings, Zi An Ni Ne Vas Ner Re, Praises to the Most High, Comfort in the Gospel, My Childrens Pleasure, My Brave Soldiers Trumpet, Holy Selan, Birth of Christ, I am a Little Bird, Awake Arise, With Joy I'm Excited, Rejoice and Raise Your voice, Shout Victory O Ye Chosen Bound, On the Borders of Canaan I Stand, O Sound Your Trumpets of Joy, Treasures Endless Treasures, Sound Your Trumpets of Sweet peace, Come Let Us All be Zealous, God's Love for his Zion, We Will Go on Our Way, A Song from the Angel of Freedom, O Come Down Below, The Prophets Call to Zion, O Come Saith the Saviour, O Zions Children Shout Triumphant, O My Pretty Little Linse, O Lovely Daughters of Zion, A Treasure of Love from Father James, The Lovely Valley, Joy Fills My Soul, Know Ye My Little Few, Praise to the Lord, Home in Zion, Bonds of Love, A March, I Am Gathering, Heavenly Comfort, Father Jame's Reflections When Young, Precious Time, The Rose Bush, Lafayette's Intercession, Children's Supplication, Valley of Tribulation, Sound the Trumpet, Mother Ann's Prayer While on Earth, Chosen Jewels, Joy and Gladness, Humble Prayer, Song of Tribulation, The Saviour's Review, Warning of the Holy Saviour, Thou Shalt Enter my Rest, Mother Ann's Welcome, Mother Lucy's Prayer, Vengeance of the Lord, Mother's Sorrow for Zion, Mighty Trumpet of God, Shout Shout O Zion, Burning Light, Mother Ann's Cry, Voice of the Lord, the Armies of Heaven, Mother's Request, Prayer to God, Tribulation, Unceasing Thanks, Mother Ann's Lamentation, Saint Peter's Song
Anonymous Hymnal, Shirley (?)
Contents: A Poem, The Youth's Petition, Verses on the Twelv Christian Virtues, On Prayer, Golden Robin, Sure Promise, Pretty Little Lamb, John Osment Nov 1844 Bobelink Song, Mother's Love, New Life and Zeal, A Song of Comfort, Elder Sister Nov 1844 Promes of Protection, Brave Soldiers, Golden Cup, Plumb Bake, Pretty Songsters, Peace Maker, Little Basket, Valiant Manner, Johon Robinson Nov 24th 1844 Meeting with Friends, David Crpuch Nov 1844 Meek Humble Heart, In Heaven Oui Vela Vo Vi Vela, Mothers Little Child, Goody Blake and Will Gill Wordsworth, A Hope in Heaven, A Wish, The Reign of Right, On Futurity, What is It, My Prayer, Path of Regeneration, Hour of Prayer, Joseph Carter Watchful Care, Remember Me, Holy Faith, Daughters, Tears, Matilda Pearson
Anonymous Hymnal, Watervliet
Contents: Index, The Gospel Scene Watervliet 1827, The Gospel of Peace, The Voice of Wisdom, Heirs of the Promise, The Visitation of God, The Glories of Mount Zion, The Glories of the Sacred Throng, Gospel Baptism, Gospel Riches, O God of Salvation, Childrens Call, Beauties of Zion, Joyful Praises, Celestial Land, The Beautiful Valley, The Path to Peace, The Desert, O What a Flowing from Heaven, The Immortal Scenes, The Way Mark, Evening Praises, Faithful Heirs, Achknowledgement and Prayer, Destruction of Jerusalem, Holy Worship, Crown Never Fading, Mothers March to the West, Voice of Mother, Destruction of Jerusalem October 1st 1839
Anonymous Hymnal, ca 1851
Contents: Angels Declaration, The Good Shepherd, The Great Union Tree, Peace and Union, The Healing Balm, A Prayer, The Fine Garment, Zion's Foundation, Appendix to the Redeemed of Jehovah, Love Shall be Pure, A Hymn Composed by Maple Worster, A Hymn Composed by Samuel Parker, Samuel Parker Author, A Hymn Composed by Abel Alen, A Hymn Composed by Samuel Parker, Multiple Unnamed Hymns by Samuel Parker, The Character of a Shaker by Samuel Parker, This Hymn Composed Upon the Death of Mother Lucy Wright, A Hymn Composed Upon the Death of Solomon Youn, This Sentence is for All, A Hymn Composed Upon the Death of Guster Peer, A Hymn Composed Upon the Death of Elizabeth Jefferson, The Passover: A Hymn Composed Upon the Death of Lucy Wright, Precepts and Prohibitions, The Following Sermon was Preached in the Beleivers Meeting House Hancock Oct 2nd 1859,