Eunice Bathrick's compilation of songs "given by the Shepherdess..."

Contents: Mother's love and blessing, Notice from Holy Mother to Eldress Betty Babbit, Notice to Brother John, My little Flock, Notice from Mother Ann to S.L., Notice to Elder T.H. from his Guardian Angel, Notice to John G. from Mother Ann, Notice from Mother Lucy to L.M., From the Savior to R.L.Y, A Drop of Mother's LLove, The Cuckoo, The Mourning Dove, Beautiful Treasure, The Heavenly Band, Notice from Mother Ann to S.B., Notice from Mother Ann to M.B., Rich Blessing, From Mother Ann to M.M., From Mother Ann to M.R., Mother Annäs Promise, Holy Love, Truimph of Pure, Holy Love and Power, Motheräs never ending love, A Beautiful Diamond, From the Shepherdess to Abel J., To Mary Ann W, Mother Ann's constant Prayer, To the people, A promise from the Holy Savior, Beautiful Robe, From the Shepherdess to Isaac Myrick, From the Shepherdess to Susan L.C., Comfort, Pure and Love, Sweet comfort, Happy Land, Valiant Soldier, Fair Port, Notice from Mother Ann to J.C., Holy Hill of Zion, Come ye Blessed, From Mother Ann to Hannah Babbit, From Father William to Anna Robbins, From Mother Ann to Eliza Babbit, From Father William to R. Hill, From Mother Ann to Elijah Myrick, From the Shepherdess to J. Chandler, From the Savior to Betsie Maynard, From the Savior to Anna Orsmont, From the Shepherdess to Jackson Lang, From the Shepherdess to D.L. White, Mother's pretty garden, From the Shepherdess to G. Webber, Pretty union ring, Wood Lark, Motheräs Musical Band, The Lark, From the Shepherdess to Eliza, From Mother A. to Lydia Groves, From the Shepherdess to B. Sparrow, From the Shepherdess to Rachel Flynn, From the Shepherdess to W. Lewis, Oh sail on the River of Love, From the Shepherdess to M. Linsy, From the Shepherdess to Angelina White, From Mother Ann to Orlando B., The band of bright musicians, Fear not little one, From the Savior ro Alfred C., From Mother Ann to Tabitha B., From Mother Ann to the Ministry, For Eliza Myrick, From the Shepherdess to the boys, For the girls, From Mother Ann to Allison, From Mother A. to Sarah Hammond, From Mother A. to Anna Babbit, From Mother A. to Mother S.K., I will go..., Notice to Olive Blomhard, To Abigail Osgood, Elizabeth Winchester, Mary Chammel, Desire Chandler, Martha Crouch, Now my live, I have come from above, For Lorenzo D. Grosvenos, For Mary Grosvenos, From Mother Ann to C. Hall, From Mother Ann to Mary G. From the Shepherdess to Dennis Pratt, To Augustus H. Grosvenos, For Susan MacGooden, For Betsie Hall, For Nathan Robinson, For Dennis Pratt, For Stephen Youngs, For Josephus Robbins, From Mother Ann to Ruth Robbins, From Mother Ann to Marie Babbit, From Mother Ann to Sally Myrick, From Mother Ann to Anna May, From the Savior to Sarah H. Robbins, To Eliza Wyck, To Louisa Weeks, To Eliza Wyck, From Mother Ann to Sephora, For Polly Edson, For Sarah Mason, I have come frmo your Mother, Come O come let us be free, For Rebecca Bates, From Mother Ann to Almise, From Mother Ann to Margaret M., From Mother Ann to Mary Babbit, For Charlotte

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