Eunice Bathrick's Compilation of "Songs from the Shepherdess, Given Thro Joanna Randall..1844"

Contents: Mothers Love, Happy and Cheerful, Soaring to Heaven, Promise of Protection, Brave Soldier, Golden Cup, Love to My Gospel Relation, A Ball of Comfort and Blessing, Plumb Cake, Peace Maker, Pretty Songster, Whipoorwill's Song, Golden Robbin, Boblink or Music Bird, The Reward of the Faithful, Pretty Lambs, Love to My Heavenly Parents, Valiant Warrior, Meeting with Friends, Meek Humble Heart, Mothers Little Child, Fled from Solom, Living Fountain, Little Boat, Yellow Bird, Little Basket, The Linnet, Mother's Sweet Love, Blessing with Love, The Blue Bird Song, New Living Wine, Luna La, Mother's Love Makes Me Happy, A Comforting Promise, Be of Good Cheer, A Walk in Mother's Garden, Spotless Dove, Turtle Dove, Pretty Robe, Gospel Agreement, My Determination, Gold Ring, I'm Bound for Heaven, My Prayer, Path of Regeneration, Gold Finch, Little Poney, Beautiful Dove, Bird of Paradise, Canary Bird, Golden Booc, Gospel Compass, A Good Promise, I Will Bow to God's Will, Simple Gifts, Honey Bee, Dear Companions, Help Me Lord I Pray, The Praises of My Mother, Mincing Pride, From the Holy Mount, From Wisdom's Valley, From Harvard, Hark Hark and Hear the Sound, Pretty Flowers, Pretty Rose Bush, Pretty Little Steam Boat, Turtle Dove, Little Dove, Little Lamb, Joseph and his Brethren, Thankfulness,Things Present and Past, Pure Love and Charity, O Zion Rise and Praise Thy God, A Solemn Call, An Aerostic

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