Anonymous Hymnal, Shirley (?)

Contents: A Poem, The Youth's Petition, Verses on the Twelv Christian Virtues, On Prayer, Golden Robin, Sure Promise, Pretty Little Lamb, John Osment Nov 1844 Bobelink Song, Mother's Love, New Life and Zeal, A Song of Comfort, Elder Sister Nov 1844 Promes of Protection, Brave Soldiers, Golden Cup, Plumb Bake, Pretty Songsters, Peace Maker, Little Basket, Valiant Manner, Johon Robinson Nov 24th 1844 Meeting with Friends, David Crpuch Nov 1844 Meek Humble Heart, In Heaven Oui Vela Vo Vi Vela, Mothers Little Child, Goody Blake and Will Gill Wordsworth, A Hope in Heaven, A Wish, The Reign of Right, On Futurity, What is It, My Prayer, Path of Regeneration, Hour of Prayer, Joseph Carter Watchful Care, Remember Me, Holy Faith, Daughters, Tears, Matilda Pearson

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