Anonymous Hymnal, Harvard MA ca. 1854

Contents: The Beauty of Zion, Address to Youth, Lovely Love, Peace on Earth, Lively Bee, Let Us Prepare to Meet the Change, Living Streams, The Gospel of Love, Love and Peace, The Spirit of Prayer, The Self Denying Way, Lord Give Me Strength to Watch, Come Mother Children Gather, An Elegy, Heavenly Rest, A Lovely Treasure, A Humble Petition, Vanity of the Spirit, A Petition, O Lord May I Drink of the Spiritual, Love Union and Peace, Heavenly Blessings, My Home, Gospel Blessings, The Holy City, Shout Zion's Children, The Lord's Temple, New Years Thought, A Believer's Faith, Lord Grant Me My Petition, A Lovely Treasure, Mother's Peace, Contentment in the Gospel, Encouragement for the Youth, The Humble Sensation, Heavenly Comfort, Heavenly Rest, Father's Hymn, The Request, The True Believer's Character, A Cordial for the Soul, Living Shepherd, Sweet Peace, My Mother, All Clothed in Beauty, Mother's Mantle, Prepare for Death, Place Not Your Hearts, Faith and Union, Come to the Foundation, The Shepherd of Zion, Gospel Treasure, True Vine, Thou Blessed Living Shepherd, A Funeral Hymn, O Lord of Everlasting Light, Children of Light, The Sons and Daughters, A View of God's Mercy, Love to the Gospel, A Bridle for the Tongue, A Zealous Laboror, A Promise, A Song of Zion's Children, Good Instruction, The True Seed, O Lord I Pray Thro Out, Sweet Conviction, Since I Have Been Called, Final Settlement, The Humble Valley, The New Living Way, The Burning Day of Redemption, Joys of Jerusalem, Fellow Travelers, All Men Shall See, Everlasting Love and Beauty, The 7th Trumpet, The Youth's Intercession, The Beautiful Branch, The Resolution, The White Stone, Mother's Precious Gifts, Sing Ye Mother's Song, The Platform, A Farewell Hymn of Elites, The Steam Boat, The Second Revelation, Obedience, The True Gospel Heir, Christmas Hymn, Awake My Soul, Solemn Fear, A Solemn Review, The Gospel of Christ Jesus, Universal Praises, Promise Blessing Hymn, Union Plant, The Thankful Believer, John's Vision, Lord I Desire No Greater Blessing, Infinite Grace, A Noble Life, Humility's Vale, Self Denial, Boundless Grace, Gospel Honesty, Paradise of God, Paradise in View, Free Salvation, Heavenly Vineyard, A Welcome, Solemn Work, An Anthem, Reflections, Strait Pathway, Church of God, Kind Mothers and Sisters and Love, The Joys of the Righteous, A Hymn, Happy State, Grateful Thanks, Serious Meditation, The Borders of Zion, White Journeying, Solemn Determination, Zion Advancing, The Glorious Rest, The Glorious Rest, Salvation and Praise, On the Birth of Christ, The Stamp of the Devil's Eye, Lovely Path, Arbour of Love, Beautiful City

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