Anonymous Hymnal, Harvard MA ca. 1842

Contents: Fellow Travelers, Happy State, An Aerostick, Now Let Us All Unite, What Millions are Traveling, Happy Seasons, The Treasures of Mount Zion, Promised Land, True Consolation, The Genuine Gospel, The Thankful Believer, We All Mean to Labor, I Prize my Precious Gospel Faith, What Comfort and Peace I Possess, We are Seen, Funeral Hymn, Funeral Hymn, Precious Season, I'll Gladly Leave the World, I Feel Much Delighted, Scenes of Glory, Come Zion's Children, Vain World, A Welcome Hymn, The River of Love, The Delusions of Nature, Gospel Freedom, A Determination, Thankfulness, Beauty of Zion, A Prayer, Happy Valley, Heavenly Love, Contemplation, The Glorious Rest, A Mansion Prepared, The Saints Warfare, There is a Paradise, A Peaceful Retreat, The Blessings of the Righteous, Christmas Hymn, The Gospel Childs Intreaty, The Downfall of Old Nature, Gospel Light, Safe Hiding Place, Infinite Treasure, Impart O Lord, Joys of the Righteous, A Tribute of Praise, There is a Crown, Pure Band, Mansions of Rest, Immortal Treasure, Happy Repose, Christs Second Appearance, Zions Army, Celestial Fountain, Heavenly Treasure, An Arostic, Happy and Free, City of Peace, Golden Bowl, Happy Home, This World How Vain, Good Brethren and Sisters Serious Impressions, Christs Second Appearing, The Believers Life, True Simplicity, A Funeral Hymn, We are Determined, My Life is Short, Happy Change, Lovely Love, Celestial Scenes, Works the True Criterion, Searching Work, Funeral Hymn, A Peaceful Mansion, With Mother's Good Children, O Come Sweet Love, O Come Thou Sweet Virtue, The Judgement Day, Truth, Good Resolutions and Desires, Holy Devotion, To Thee Almighty God, Happy Clime, A Funeral Hymn, Final Day, How Thankful, Holy Desires, Pure Desires, Mothers Good Children, Heavenly Prospect, What I Hate

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