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Contents: Farewell Blessing of our Heavenly Parents, An Indian Song, Father Williams March, Indian Song, Father Joseph's Song, A song sun at the Holy Land,A Harp Song, Father Job's song, given at Canterbury, A Song from the Savior, Indian Song Canterbury, Sung by Mother Hannah, A Song from King David, Indian Song, The Saviour's Anthem, Negro Songs, A Litttle Hymn of Peace from William Penn, A march received, From Elder Molly, Indian Songs 1841, From New Gloucester, From Poland, Mother's Pretty Dove, Enfield, Indian Songs 1843, A little song given to one of the sons by the Holy Savior, A Song from Elder Benjamin upon receiving some wine, A song from a spirit, From Eldress Molly, From Gloucester, A French song, Patriarch Joseph's Gloucester, Warning of the Might Angel of Light, Mother Ann's Invitation, Father's kingdom above, Indian Song 1843, Canterbury 1943, Indian Song Jan. 15 1943, Sung by a mighty Angel, A Petition from Lucas an Indian Prophet to the white man, Indian March Jan. 17, Arhumshaw's Farewell, The Saviors Blessing the the Elders, Honteshaw's Anthem to his people sung on the Mount, A song from John Lavance a Frenchman, John Lavance's song, Indian's songs, Negro Song, French Song, Abidal's song, Indian Granny, Lafayette's March learned of a Frenchman, King David's song, Song of Goliath, A March, A French song received, Zion's army marching through, French Song, Indian Song Feb. 6 1843, Negro March Feb 6. 1843, French Song, To Gain a Lasting Treasure, Dragon's March, A Song from Keokusch Chief of the Cherokee Nation of Indians, Negro Songs Feb. 14, Indian Song Feb. 16, Song of Comfort, The Savior's Call, Prophet's March, The Blessing of the Blessing, O come let us go to the fountain, The Goodness of God, Lafayette's song, I'm happy while serving the Lord, Welcome to the Ministry, The Work of God, Mother's Voice, Persian Song, Negro Song March 24, Creation of God, The Spirit of Noah, By the Same Prophet on the same day, Victorious Conquerers, A Song sent to the Elder Brother by Father Jonathan, Songs Learned in a Negro Meeting, March Song, Promiscuous March, Quick Song, Round Dance, My Mother's gosel how precious, Call of God, A Song from Mother Ann, Welcome, Bear your Cross, I am your Mother, Song of Adoration, A true Lesson, Mother Ann's song of Prayer, Father William's Prayer, Song of Heavenly Praises, Father William's Invitation, Prepare O ye people prepare, Virgin Band

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