Field Family Collection

The Field Family collection contains manuscript material relating to the personal and professional lives of David Dudley Field (1781-1867) and his four sons. The collection includes correspondence, writings, and a diary which document nineteenth-century American law, politics, religious life, history, and the personal lives of the Field family.

1888 December 14
Dr. James Boylan Shaw (1808–1890), Rochester [New York], to Henry Martyn Field (1822–1907). 2 p. on 2 leaves. Thanks HMF for Gibraltar and calls him “my dear, and never failing and never faltering friend The Editor of the Evangelist”. On back: note from Theodore Ledyard Cuyler (1822–1909), commenting that “such a letter as this from our beloved veteran Dr. Shaw is a ‘jewel’ in your ‘crown’ in advance – T.L.C.” Removed from: Gibraltar (New York, 1889).
1888 March 1
Andrew Preston Peabody (1811–1893), Cambridge, to Henry Martyn Field (1822–1907). ALS, 2 p. on 2 leaves. Lavish thanks and praise for Old Spain and New Spain. Removed from: Old Spain and New Spain (New York, 1888).
[1839] October 26
David Dudley Field, Jr. (1805–1894), [New York], to Samuel Arnold (1806–1869), [New York]. ALS, 1 p. on 1 leaf. Addressed to Arnold at the New Jersey hotel on verso. Requests Arnold visit DDF’s office.
Carte de visite photograph of Cyrus West Field (1819–1892) by John and Chas. Watkins, 34 Parliament St., London. 8.5 x 5.5 cm. on mount, 10.0 x 6.3 cm.
[1871 July]
Sir Stafford H. Northcote (1818–1887), to Cyrus West Field (1819–1892). ALS, 1 p. on 1 leaf. With original envelope addressed to “Cyrus W. Field Esq, 42 Charges (?) Street or 14 Lower Seymour Street.” Northcote writes, “very low about the Treaty . . . little hope of the difficulty being got over” [the Treaty of Washington, re: Alabama Claims, etc., was signed finally on 8 May 1871].
[1876] November 17
Samuel Wells Williams (1812–1884) to Henry Martyn Field (1822–1907). ALS, 4 p. on 3 leaves with integral blank leaf. “I’ve rewritten the notice of the Pei-ho battle so as to please me better, as I had no idea of printing it when I answered your friend’s note.” The notice is included in full in a note in HMF’s book (p. 392–3 of From Egypt to Japan, 1877). Removed from: From Egypt to Japan (New York, 1877).
Samuel Wells Williams (1812–1884) to Henry Martyn Field (1822–1907). ALS, 2 p. on 1 leaf. Offers corrections, beginning with “There are no hippopotami in Sumatra. . . .” Removed from: From Egypt to Japan (New York, 1877).