Deed of land in Fort Hunter to Rebekea, daughter of John Scott, signed by eight Mohawk individuals

An early deed for land granted to the commander of Fort Hunter, which had been built at the request of the Mohawk ambassadors to Queen Anne. The transaction took place four years after the construction of Fort Hunter, which was situated on the banks of the Mohawk River at the mouth of the Schoharie Creek. Herein, eight Mohawk tribesmen gave a tract of land "unto Rebekea," the daughter of Captain John Scott (d. 1725), the first commander of Fort Hunter. The Mohawks granted the land only "in Consideration of the Great love, favour & affection which we have and do bear toward our great friend and Loving Acquaintance Capt John Scott." The land in question was located "opposite Over Against the Land we have given to the Wife of Capt John Colins and her son." The document is signed by eight Mohawk leaders with their pictograph signatures. The individuals are identified as "Craine" or "Crane," "Tequoinhunt," "Thanusskeesacke" or "Thanusskesack," "Johanis" or "Joharis," "Sander," "Cornelius," "Asross" or "Asras," and "Thowinoduchtow" or "Thawinadichtow." The document is dated: "In the Mohaughs Cuntry," May 14, 1716. [Abstract largely from dealer description.]
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