Alexander Davidson Photography

Delta Kappa Epsilon house, 1897
The Delta Kappa Epsilon house in 1897, located on Hoxsey street., Davidson Collection
Delta Psi Lodge, 1897
Delta Psi Lodge, shot from the northeast.
Delta Upsilon House, 1898
The Delta Upsilon House.
Dog on Main Street, 1897
A dog hurries down the sidewalk along Main Street. A carriage is visible at right., Davidson Collection
Dr. Olds House, 1897
Dr. Olds House
Droppers House, 1897
A photo of Droppers House, later (1954) called Despres House.
East College, 1898
East College, shot from the southeast. Alumni Hall/Chapel just visible at left.
Edward Griffin home 1, 1897
The Edward Dorr Griffin home. Where the St. Johns rectory now stands.
Edward Griffin home 2, 1897
The Edward Griffin home, later occupied by Rev. A. Grand Note. Where the St. Johns rectory now stands.
Eggleston's house, 1897
M. E. Eggleston's house on South Street. Williamstown (Mass.) -- South Street
Entrance to Mission Park, circa. 1897
The entrance to Mission Park, shot from the west at the corner of Park and Whitman streets. Mission Park (Williams College)
Fans watch a baseball game at Weston Field, 1897
Fans, some of whom sit atop carriages, watch a baseball game at Weston Field. (An early example of tailgate partying?) Press box is visible. Weston Field (Williams College)