Carlson, Justyna Interview - Carlson, Justyna Interview Audio

Carlson speaks at length about the school system in North Adams, describing the unique culture of each primary and secondary school in the area. Her role as a local historian gives her a breadth of knowledge about each topic we discussed, but her more interesting comments came from personal anecdotes and stories. Her quip about her college years, in which Sociology majors would point out that North Adams was being used as an example of post-industrial decay, revealed her own hesitation in accepting the conditions of her hometown during the 1960's. Carlson also describes her role in North Adams' urban renewal projects, specifically as chair of the Historical Commission; Carlson approves the demolition of old or abandoned houses and barns in the city. The historian is also a volunteer at Mass MoCA, and finds the lack of interest in the museum among North Adams residents disappointing and vexing, noting that the institution has done much to attract wider local attention.
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