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  • Name = Rakotondrazafy, Michel(-)
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Active headwall with recent debris and blockfall deposits
Active vertical faces in early stage III lavaka. Blackened surfaces are burnt grasses
Amphitheatre view of active lavaka
Convex hills and flat valley floor. One lavaka partly hidden on right side
Convex topography and inactive lavakas, with cultivation in outfall areas
Cultivated outfall area of mature, largely inactive, multi-septate lavaka
Cultivation in outfall areas of vegetated, inactive lavakas
Dark patches in pale saprolite represent water seepage in active lavaka wall
Debris apron of recently fallen wall material
Different activity levels in lavakas on hillslope
Down-lavaka view showing eroded septae and long outfall channel to valley floor
Down-valley view of long outfall channel
Down-valley view of long outfall channel
Dual-lavaka complex, with well-developed debris aprons building up the walls
Early stages of erosion in median septum of stage III lavaka
Eroded laterite overlying paler saprolite (foliation visible dipping to right)
Eroded radial septae in stage III lavaka