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  • CollectionSedimentology Images(-)
  • Name = Jungers, Matt(-)
Poorly developed, shallow lavaka in convex wall of ancient equilibrated lavaka
Recent sand deposits from active lavaka carpet the valley bottom
Deeply incised, narrow outfall in large lavaka
Two small active lavakas and one inactive, fully vegetated
Cultivation in outfall area of vegetated, lightly active lavaka
Vegetated outfall of sporadically active lavaka
Debris apron against active lavaka headwall
Crack behind active headwall: probable site of next season's wallfall
Large active lavaka, with wide outfall, has eroded to hill crest.
Recent reactivation of old, largely infilled lavaka
Vegetated, barely active lavaka
Deeply incised, narrow outfall channel
Landscape with lavakas of different sizes and stages of evolution