The collections on this site are part of the Motul de San Jose Archaeological Project, led by Dr. Antonia Foias. In addition to artifacts discovered at the site, there are PDFs of publications, images of work being done at the site, and other documents and media related to the project. For more information please go to the project's website.

About the Project

Motul de San Jose is famous for its beautiful pottery vases painted in multiple colors with scenes of court rituals and hieroglyphic texts. The site and its environs have been explored since 1998 by the Motul de San Jose Archaeological Project co-directed by Dr. Antonia Foias.This repository makes available images and information about the artifacts and various publications Dr. Foias has made about the work.

Professor Antonia Foias

Antonia E. Foias is Associate Professor of Anthropology in the Department of Anthropology & Sociology at Williams College. She received a PhD in Anthropology from Vanderbilt University in 1996, specializing in Mesoamerica, especially the ancient Maya. Since 1998 she has directed the multifaceted archaeological research at the site of Motul de San José, located in the Central Petén jungle of Guatemala. Foias’ research focuses on the political and economic organization of the Classic Maya polity at Motul de San Jose.