A Precise Measurement of the Indium 6P1/2 Stark Shift Using Two-Step Laser Spectroscopy

We have completed a measurement of the scalar polarizability of the 6P1/2 state of indium. Our results give a value of a0=7688+41(stat)+32(sys)a30, which is in statistical agreement with the theoretically predicted value. We lock a 410 nm laser to the 5P1/2 --> 6S1/2 transition and scan a 1343 nm laser across the 6S1/2 --> 6P1/2 transition, with the lasers passing through both an atomic beam and a vapor cell. We have developed a new method of locking the 410 nm laser directly to the atomic beam transition, and we use single-tone FM spectroscopy to obtain the necessary signal. We also detect the spectrum from the 6S1/2 --> 6P1/2 transition for a variety of applied electric fields in the atomic beam using two-tone FM spectroscopy. In the course of this experiment, we have also obtained a precise measurement of the hyperfine splitting of the 6P1/2 state of 1257.0(5) MHz, for which the uncertainty is dominated by systematic effects. This value is about three times more precise than the previous measurement.

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