"A Community Centered Approach Towards Assessing and Monitoring the Chemical Fate of Trichloroethylene: A Case Study in Tallevast, Florida"

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"Tallevast, a Black community in Florida, has suffered an egregious cases of groundwater contamination in the US. A beryllium processing plant sited within the community contaminated the drinking water supply with a range of carcinogenic organic solvents including trichloroethylene (TCE), a highly volatile organic compound that has acute and chronic toxicity. Although groundwater clean-up operations are underway, there remains widespread concern about the solvents outgassing into residences and compromising indoor air quality. In collaboration with residents of Tallevast, we have engaged in an indoor air quality assessment, monitoring residential air for a range of potential toxins such as TCE. Commercially available, low-cost passive samplers were deployed in homes located near the solvent plume. Samplers were validated for quantifying sub parts-per-billion concentrations of TCE to better characterize community risk of TCE exposure. We were also characterizing the viability of these samplers to monitor TCE exposure over time. The sensors were found to be accurate to two orders of magnitude lower than previously validated. The initial round of testing showed lower concentrations of TCE inside the two homes tested than previously thought and with a higher degree of confidence. Diffusive flux modeling suggests that environmental and seasonal variability will substantially impact the volatilization of compounds from the water table. Subsequent measurements within the community will contribute to our broader understanding of public exposure from industrial pollution. Our community-centered approach ensures that residents will be in a position to use the data we provide to take the next steps in remediation and support."

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