Developing digital clast counting methodology for analysis of boulder beaches

"This study uses the Python-based PebbleCounts application (Purinton and Bookhagen, 2019) to implement grain-size analysis of orthorectified, geo-referenced images from the Minard boulder beach of W. Ireland. Traditional techniques measuring grain-size distributions are limited and possess significant biases; digital-clast counting methodology offers a promising alternative to analyze clast populations with greater efficiency and accuracy. PebbleCounts includes a fully automated (AIF) and semi-automated (KMS) approach for clast-counting. Over the course of this study, both the PebbleCounts AIF and KMS approaches demonstrated greater efficiency and precision in analyzing clast populations than comparative (digital-manual) methods. By conducting further study of boulder beaches under this approach, we can understand how these environments develop and evolve over longer time scales."

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