"Shard: Ad hoc, Reliable, Distributed Shell"

"Performing tasks that are distributed among many systems currently fail to achieve each of the goals of being reliable, easy to set up, closely resembling an existing technology, and friendly to users without distributed systems knowledge. Because distributed systems are inherently unreliable, succeeding in these goals require the system to provide an abstraction for error handling and recovery that account for the many failure cases that may arise. This thesis project defines a set of error handling semantics that is simple to use, but powerful enough to be applied to a diverse set of use cases. We demonstrate the utility of these semantics by implementing a shell-based programming language, Shard. Using this language, anyone with basic shell knowledge should be able to write and run scripts that runs over multiple machines reliably. The Shard language will greatly aid in increasing the accessibility and simplifying the process of running distributed programs in domains including systems administration and scientific computing."

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