"Created in Our Image, We are these Houses"

"This project analytically and creatively engages with the trope of the Black woman and the house in Black Gothic Literature. Chapter one of my project considers the implications of spectacle, what I term amphitheater, and the struggle of the Black maternal against Black patriarchy as it mimics white supremacy in Linden Hills (1985). This novel questions and destabilizes the goals of Black excellence as it is achieved at the expense of Black women’s personhood, and offers memory and archive as a cite of escape for the Black women ensnared in the mechanisms of Black patriarchal power. Chapter two engages theories on the womb, and the Captive Maternal – coined by Dr. Joy James – to explore the themes present in Morrison’s Home. Morrison writes about the Black woman and the house through themes of homegoing, medical experimentation, and ghostly specters bound to geography and old family houses. This chapter aims to understand the implications of the womb, and mothering or the denial of the right to mother, on Black womanhood, and how this connects Morrison’s central Black female character to the houses present in the text. The final chapter of this project will creative short story that builds off of my research on Naylor and Morrison’s work. My story incorporates some of the tropes I analyze in the critical section of this project, while also allowing me the creative space to develop my own writer’s perspective in the Black Gothic. "

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