Implementation of an Experimental Setup for Trapping and Cooling 40Ca+

We are working towards a goal of trapping 40Ca+ ions in a Paul trap. Once trapped these chains of ions will serve as an analog quantum simulator which will be used to simulate and study heat transport in nanoscale systems. In order to trap ions, we need lasers to address the ions, a vacuum chamber to house the trap, and hardware and software to send voltage signals that are appropriate to create a trapping potential well. Previous work created a laser design and frequency stabilization scheme. It also developed magnetic eld coils. We need these tools in order to control the electronic states of the ions. In our work, we have implemented these systems by working on creating and aligning them. We have also created a vacuum system to house and protect the trap. We have created voltage output software, a filterboard, and a helical resonator to send voltages into the trap. These tools account for most of the necessary experimental apparatus that we need to successfully trap calcium ions.

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