"Conducting an Indoor Air Quality Analysis for Tallevast, Florida"

"Environmental racism is a pertinent issue in the United States. A majority Black community called Tallevast, Florida has been gravely affected by environmental contamination caused by American Beryllium Company, a former Cold War era weapons manufacturer. Tallevast residents have experienced extensive environmental racism while dealing with trichloroethylene (TCE) and other organic solvent groundwater contamination. Notification of the contamination was delayed, and transparency continues to be an issue, as inadequate actions are being taken to ensure the health and safety of Tallevast residents. TCE is a volatile organic compound (VOC) with tendencies to exit the medium of water and enter ambient air. This raises serious concerns regarding indoor air quality. Only four residential buildings within Tallevast were tested for indoor air quality in 2004. To ensure the safety of indoor air in Tallevast, an indoor air quality analysis was orchestrated and performed on behalf of the community. The indoor air quality analysis was designed using civic science to allow residents to actively take part in the scientific process. Residents completed the entire air sensing process with researcher assistance through directions and phone calls. Results revealed the presence of three VOCs in all monitored buildings: toluene, ethylbenzene, and TCE. Toluene and ethylbenzene were found at non-concerning levels; however, TCE was found to be at a concerning level of 0.614 ± 0.098 ppb. The findings of the initial indoor air quality analysis need to be verified and analysis must continue to keep Tallevast and its residents safe."

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