A New Ion Trapping System To Study Mesoscopic Heat Transfer

"The Doret Lab has installed the High Optical Access (HOA) 2.1 ion trap from Sandia Laboratories to ultimately support heat transport measurements in chains of trapped Ca+ ions. The process to fully incorporate the HOA trap into the lab has involved the construction of several supporting elements crucial to its functionality. The home-built in-vacuum wiring assembly successfully establishes an electrical connection between the HOA trap’s electrodes and vacuum flange feedthrough using a zero-insertion-force socket. The vacuum chamber also houses calcium-filled ovens, a loading mask to block unwanted calcium flux, and a ground screen to shield the ion from charged surfaces in the chamber. External to the chamber we assembled home-built helical resonator to amplify the RF signal, Helmholtz coils to generate a magnetic field, and optical paths to direct lasers to address a trapped ion chain. The apparatus is now ready for our first attempts to trap Ca+ ions, and down the road will allow us to study mesoscopic heat transfer."

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