The Taking of Kelham Huntertree

The first few chapters of a novel and the first act of a screenplay. This is a story of three young men from Middlebranch, Alan, Stephen, and Theo, who hatch a scheme to kidnap a child, Kelham Huntertree, in order to extort money from his wealthy millionaire father, Roger. It is the story how Alan, Stephen, and Theo botch this scheme, taking the wrong child, Andrew Oakley, leaving his sister, Lois, desperate to save her younger brother. It is a story about how this botched kidnapping throws a wrench in Roger Huntertree's development deal that would help to save the city of Middlebranch, from the grips of the Cole Organized Crime Family. It is the story of all the people whose lives are touched by these various schemes and their failures: Sergeant Shaw Matthau of Middlebranch and Detective Philippe Perrier from Paris, the officers charged with bringing Andrew home, Angelica Huntertree, Roger's wife and Kelham's mother, Elaine Matthau, Shaw's wife and Roger's lover, James and Doreen Oakley, parents desperate for the return of their son and willing to do what ever it takes to get him back, Arthur and Tyler Cole, the father and son heads of a notorious crime family.

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