Anonymous Hymnal, New Lebanon and Harvard, ca. 1834-1844 with Musical Notation

Contents: Holy Fountain, A Song from the Prophet Isaiah, Heavenly Trumpet, O Righteous God do Help My Soul, Holy Mother's Encouragement, Jehovahs Call, Sincerity of Soul, Mercy of God, A Song of Rejoicing, Gospel Trumpet, Glory of the Earth, Holy Blessing, I Am an Angel Sent Hither, Go Ye On, A Trumpet Song from Simeon, A Song from Brother Aaron Jewett, A Song of Holy Praises, Salone Trumpet, Encouragement for the Youth, Come Let Us Hasten On, In Shelovan There Was a Feast, Mother Anns Welcome in Heaven, A Welcome to the Angels of Mourning, A Lively Dance, A Prayer in Turbulation and the Lords Answer, Mother Lucy's Gift of Lamentation, Beautiful Robe, A Song of Power and Victory over the Evil One, Mothers Pretty Way, Poor in the Spirit, Holy Mothers Blessing for the Leaders, O How Thankful Should I Be, O Ye Chosen Ones, Love is my Treasure, Mother Ann's Prayer for her Children, A Round Dance Song, Solemn Warning, Word of the Almighty, Father Eleazer's Prayer for his Children, Come Gather Round the Fountain, Father's Pretty Garment, Father Williams Request, A Thank Offering, A Song of Praise, Sweet Love Encircle Us Around, A Supplication, I Want to Feel the Power of God, Now Well March on Our Way, Fear Not Joseph, Pray to your Heavenly Father, Protecting Love, Thus Saith the Holy Saviour, Father Williams Prayer, Angels trumpet, Father Williams Invitation, Peace and Everlasting Love, Children's Confession Supplication and Promise, A Rose of Sharon, Saviours Invitation, Wisdom's Path, Saviours Blessing, Peace Love and Comfort, Beauty of Grace, Come on my Dear Companions, Wisdoms Valley, O Ho Ho Here We Go A Song of the Holy Proclaiming Angel, Words of Holy Mother, Father James Prayer, A Song of Adoration, Victorious Conquest, O My Pretty Mother, I Will Labor for more Life and Power, Mother's Solemn Prayer, O Come Come Says Mother, Father Eleazer's Prayer, Watch of the Night, Eternal Praises, The Saints Welcome, Equip Yourselves, I Am Bound, Four Little Angels Standing in a Ring, I am a Little Bird, A Prayer by the Apostles, An Anthem from Isaac Watts, Simplicity is Gained by Keeping, An Anthem from Brother Abijah, A Short Anthem from the Angel of Light, An Anthem from the Angel of Peace, From the Angel of Light, An Anthem from George Washington, An Anthem from Christ and Mother, An Anthem from Mother Ann by Mire, An Anthem from Christ by Isaiah, An Echottion to Thankfulness, Praise to the Lord, Mother Anns Promise, March On, Behold the Shining Road, Arise O thee Zion of my Glory, Bow Low and Cry to God, Before My Eyes I Now Behold, People from Every Nation, I Have Come Saith the Saviour, O I will Bow Down Low, Awake My Soul to Watch and Pray, Gospel Invitation, O Life and Freedom, Mother Ann's Song of Comfort, O my Blessed Mother Ann, The True Word of God, Bonds of Love, A Song of the Guardian Angels, Trying Scenes Await You, Pretty Walk, My Robe is New and Lovely, Our Saviours Welcome into Heaven, Word of the Lord, Birth of Christ, The Saviour's Word to his Desciples, The Word of the Lord of hosts, The Olive Leaf, The Saviours Call to the Leaders in Zion, A White Water Song, A Song for Christmas, Pretty Dove, Come Souls Awake, Holy Selan, Mother Lucy a Prayer, We'll March Along, Pleasant Path, O Hear My Prayer, Sanctuary of the Lord, Shout and Sing Triumphant, Beautiful Gem, Praise to the Most High, A Song of Warning, Jehovah's Promise to his People, The Saviours Warning to his Children, Arise, O Come On Zions Faithful Soldiers, Vile Lille Va Ne, By the Spirit We Are Led, Com On Let Us Be Going, Now We Feel Heavenly Zeal, Here is Pure Heavenly Love, Here's the Cross and I Will Take It, Clear the Way, Come Let us Take Our Swords and March, I Will Sound the Beautiful Songs, Free Will Offering, The Saviour's Peace, The Saviours Invitation, I Will Sound My Trumpet, Holy Mother's Word of Comfort, Mother Ann's Birthday, Mother's Love, O Union in Free, A Prayer, I Your Holy Mother Will Sound, O Life and Freedom is the Treasure, Arise O Zion Praise Thy God, While on Times Troubled, O Ho Ho We Will Go On Our Way, O Come Saith the Holy Angel, Father's Parental Care, A Song from Isaac Watts, O My Ever Blessed Mother, O Come and Partake of the Blessings, Zi An Ni Ne Vas Ner Re, Praises to the Most High, Comfort in the Gospel, My Childrens Pleasure, My Brave Soldiers Trumpet, Holy Selan, Birth of Christ, I am a Little Bird, Awake Arise, With Joy I'm Excited, Rejoice and Raise Your voice, Shout Victory O Ye Chosen Bound, On the Borders of Canaan I Stand, O Sound Your Trumpets of Joy, Treasures Endless Treasures, Sound Your Trumpets of Sweet peace, Come Let Us All be Zealous, God's Love for his Zion, We Will Go on Our Way, A Song from the Angel of Freedom, O Come Down Below, The Prophets Call to Zion, O Come Saith the Saviour, O Zions Children Shout Triumphant, O My Pretty Little Linse, O Lovely Daughters of Zion, A Treasure of Love from Father James, The Lovely Valley, Joy Fills My Soul, Know Ye My Little Few, Praise to the Lord, Home in Zion, Bonds of Love, A March, I Am Gathering, Heavenly Comfort, Father Jame's Reflections When Young, Precious Time, The Rose Bush, Lafayette's Intercession, Children's Supplication, Valley of Tribulation, Sound the Trumpet, Mother Ann's Prayer While on Earth, Chosen Jewels, Joy and Gladness, Humble Prayer, Song of Tribulation, The Saviour's Review, Warning of the Holy Saviour, Thou Shalt Enter my Rest, Mother Ann's Welcome, Mother Lucy's Prayer, Vengeance of the Lord, Mother's Sorrow for Zion, Mighty Trumpet of God, Shout Shout O Zion, Burning Light, Mother Ann's Cry, Voice of the Lord, the Armies of Heaven, Mother's Request, Prayer to God, Tribulation, Unceasing Thanks, Mother Ann's Lamentation, Saint Peter's Song

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