Face to Face With Divinity in Lacandon God Pots

As part of our Seeds of Divinity exhibit, WCMA is proud to present two Lacandon Maya incense burners (see Figures 1 and 2), preeminently sacred objects with fraught and uncertain histories. A central element in the Lacandon religious practice of offering to and dialogue with the divine, incense burners, also called god pots, are an animate medium through which the Lacandon communicate with their gods. What can these objects tell us about the cosmovision of the people who made them? Currently residing primarily in Chiapas, the Yucatecan-speaking Lacandon have cultural roots that trace back to conquest-period Yucatán. How did they arrive in Chiapas? How do they live and worship? In this essay, I will use the WCMA god pots as a window to delve into the cosmovision of the Lacandon, a people profoundly rooted in the Mesoamerican tradition of direct communion with the gods through offering.
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