On Partitioning the Edges of 1-Plane Graphs

A 1-plane graph is a graph embedded in the plane such that each edge is crossed at most once. A 1-plane graph is optimal if it has maximum edge density. A red-blue edge coloring of an optimal 1-plane graph G partitions the edge set of G into blue edges and red edges such that no two blue edges cross each other and no two red edges cross each other. We prove the following: (i) Every optimal 1-plane graph has a red-blue edge coloring such that the blue subgraph is maximal planar while the red subgraph has vertex degree at most four; this bound on the vertex degree is worst-case optimal. (ii) A red-blue edge coloring may not always induce a red forest of bounded vertex degree. Applications of these results to graph augmentation and graph drawing are also discussed.

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