Exotic Decays of Heavy B quarks

Heavy vector-like quarks of charge −1/3, B, have been searched for at the LHC through the decays B→bZ,bh,tW. In models where the B quark also carries charge under a new gauge group, new decay channels may dominate. We focus on the case where the B is charged under a U(1)′ and describe simple models where the dominant decay mode is B→bZ′→b(bb¯). With the inclusion of dark matter such models can explain the excess of gamma rays from the Galactic center. We develop a search strategy for this decay chain and estimate that with integrated luminosity of 300 fb−1 the LHC will have the potential to discover both the B and the Z′ for B quarks with mass below ∼1.6 TeV, for a broad range of Z′ masses. A high-luminosity run can extend this reach to 2 TeV.

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