Development and Validation of a Questionnaire to Measure Serious and Common Quality of Life Issues for Patients Experiencing Small Bowel Obstructions

A validated questionnaire to assess the impact of small bowel obstructions (SBO) on patients' quality of life was developed and validated. The questionnaire included measurements for the impact on the patients' quality of life in respect to diet, pain, gastrointestinal symptoms and daily life. The questionnaire was validated using 149 normal subjects. Chronbach alpha was 0.86. Test retest reliability was evaluated with 72 normal subjects, the correlation coefficient was 0.93. Discriminate validity was determined to be significant using the normal subject questionnaires and 10 questionnaires from subjects with recurrent SBO. Normative and level of impact for each measured domain were established using one standard deviation from the mean in the normal population and clinical relevance. This questionnaire is a valid and reliable instrument to measure the impact of SBO on a patient's quality of life related to recurrent SBOs; therefore establishing a mechanism to monitor and quantify changes in quality of life over time.

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