Number 53: Statement of the Case of the Provinces of Massachusetts Bay and New York

1763(?): Statement of the Case of the Provinces of Massachusetts Bay and New York, respecting the boundary line between the two Provinces. This document contains: History of New England charters. Deductions in refutal of New York's claims. Summary of the rights of Massachusetts to the lands within the limits of the first charter. This manuscript, possibly in the handwriting of Israel Williams, follows substantially pages 10-11 of the printed "Case". (See publications of the Colonial Society of Massachusetts IV 277, 456). The first attempt to adjust the controversy was made on September 13, 1753, when Samuel Welles, John Chandler, Thomas Hutchinson, James Otis, and Oliver Partridge were appointed to a Committee "to examine into the boundary lines between this province and New York". Nothing came of this attempt. On May 28, 1763, the House appointed Col. Clap, Mr. Trowbridge, Mr. Tyler, Mr. Otis, and Brigadier Dwight for a somewhat similar, but greater, purpose. The Council added Thomas Hutchinson, James Bowdoin, Israel Williams, and Nathaniel Sparhawk, and in 1768 the controversy was settled.
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