Number 40: Plan of Union from 1754

1754: Plan of Union. This document, without date or signature, reveals itself a copy of "The Plan for Union of all the Colonies", devised by "Mr. Franklin of Philadelphia", delegate for Pennsylvania to the Albany Congress of 1754. Critical comparison of the handwriting with other documents now in possession of the Massachusetts Historical Society, written and signed by Oliver Partridge in 1754, confirm this to be the original draft made by Oliver Partridge, delegate for Massachusetts to the Albany Congress, of Franklin's famous but futile "Plan for Union". Five representative men were delegates for the Bay Province to the Albany Congress of 1754, "the most august assemblage that had ever yet been convened upon the American continent". Recital of their names will be impressive reminder of the quality of friendships of Ephraim Williams: John Chandler, Samuel Welles, Oliver Partridge, John Worthington, and Thomas Hutchinson. The four first named were his devoted friends.
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