About the Project

Williams College faculty is a highly talented group of teachers, scholars, and artists committed deeply to the education of our students and to involving them in their efforts to expand human knowledge and understanding through original research, thought, and artistic expression. Unbound was established primarily to support the teaching and publishing goals of the Williams faculty through the creation of a repository that supports research, facilitates collaboration and provides a venue to publish and disseminate original research. It is not surprising, then, that the Faculty Publications collection is one of the the first original projects created in Unbound.

The faculty publications project is currently a small sampling of work published by Williams College faculty. Williams faculty are leaders in their fields – recognized nationally, and often internationally, for the high quality and significance of their publications and creative work. However, due to copyright restrictions, many of these publications cannot be added to Unbound. The current contents of the faculty publication collection come from open-access journals. Do you have a publication you'd like to add to Unbound? Visit Start a Project to find out how.