About Unbound


Unbound is a digital publishing platform and repository. It stores, organizes, presents and disseminates the products of the intellectual life of the College, and documents the history of the institution. Unbound expands on traditional publishing by facilitating the creation of digital projects and fostering collaborative scholarship. Unbound is developed and maintained sustainably and collaboratively, in accordance with open source software principles.


The diffuse nature of scholarly exchange, growing demand for digital and multimedia formats, soaring publication fees, and costly academic journal subscriptions all threaten the College’s ability to support its teaching and research mission. An institutional repository service that hosts, makes accessible and preserves the scholarly output of our faculty and students is increasingly key to the advancement of scholarly communication and the preservation of the valuable research produced at the college.

Unbound supports the work of the College by:

  • Providing a digital publishing platform and expanding scholarly publishing options
  • Supporting preservation of the intellectual output of the faculty
  • Providing access to both born-digital and digitized content
  • Providing access to the College’s historical and cultural property
  • Showcasing the institution's productivity
  • Enhancing professional visibility by sharing materials used in teaching or in support of academic publications

Unbound includes:

  • Photographs, images, interactive data sets, works of art, audio files, video recordings, computer programs and data sets
  • Working papers, pre-prints of articles submitted for publication, conference proceedings, theses and student scholarship
  • Classroom teaching materials and learning objects
  • Records of College history
  • Original digital scholarship


Unbound is a joint project of the Williams Libraries and the Office for Information Technology. Objects may be submitted by any member of the Williams Community.


Unbound is built from a rich set of open source tools. The site is implemented in Drupal, which is a widely used content management platform. Within Drupal we use a set of extensions called Islandora, which support display, management, and organization of digital objects. The digital objects themselves are stored in a Fedora Repository, and made searchable using a SOLR/Lucene engine.

More information about Unbound is available in the FAQ